Dehumidification Solutions Engineered Specifically for Your Application

PoolPak® manufactures and designs our dehumidifiers to best protect the facility served. Uncontrolled moisture can cause health and structural hazards. Pools, in particular, present a unique challenge to HVAC environment control. To learn more about why to select a dehumidifier, start here with this article on indoor pool design. More information is also available at the PoolPak® Educational Library.

Our dehumidification systems, utilizing mechanical refrigeration and outside air, are designed and built to suit the harsh conditions of an indoor pool. The PoolPak® Proven Approach means:

  • Made in the USA: Factory-assembled and tested to high quality standards in the USA
  • Meets ASHRAE 62.1 Ventilation Standards for Air Quality
  • Energy Saving: recycles energy to pool water and air and automatically chooses the most economical mode of operation available
  • Superior Efficiency: Tested and proven operation and control
  • Built to Last: Critical components located outside the airstream, tested and proven electronics, and corrosion resistant materials built for the pool room environment
  • Over 25 Years Experience: PoolPak® reliability, service, and quality since 1986.
  • Site-Built Program: for the retrofit/replacement market, learn more about our cost-saving Site-Built Solution.


Non-Pool, Critical Environment Applications:

While the indoor pool application is the obvious choice for a high performance dehumidifier, PoolPak® units can also be employed for control of any high moisture environment:

  • PoolComPak Series: these dehumidifiers have been designed with a non-pool, high humidity environment in mind. Available in Horizontal and Vertical configurations, these high capacity dehumidifiers (HCD) are selected for moisture control where conventional HVAC units fall short.
  • For larger non-pool applications, a larger PoolPak® unit can also be adapted to serve the demand for high moisture control. Contact your local PoolPak® representative for these and other dehumidification applications.


Product Line Summary

PoolPak® MPK Series

Models MS, MSE, MSEP
• Supply (MS), Exhaust (MSE), and Purge (MSEP) models
• Active Airflow Monitoring and Control
• Instant Command Center (ICC) control system
• 20 - 90 tons

ClimatePak® Series

Model VHR
• Heat Pipe System
• Active Airflow Monitoring and Control
• Direct Drive Fans with Variable Frequency Drives
• ECC-VHR control system

PoolPak® SWHP Series

Model SR
• Supply and return/exhaust fan
• Mixing box between evaporator and hot gas reheat coils
• 100% modulating economizer
• 15 - 80 tons refrigeration
• ECCIII control system

Model SEP
• Single Supply fan with Pre-packaged Exhaust and Purge Fans
• Return air plenum system
• 15 - 80 tons refrigeration
• ECCIII control system

Model SE
• Single Supply Fan with Pre-packaged Exhaust Fan
• Return air plenum system
• 15 - 80 tons refrigeration
• ECCIII control system

Model S
• Single supply fan configuration
• Smaller footprint for retrofit and limited space applications
• 15 - 80 tons refrigeration
• ECCIII control system

RoofPak Series

• Complete packaged unit with self-contained ACC and aux heat
• Rooftop Mounting (AWH, HCDH)
• 10 and 12 ton configurations available
• ECC-PCP control system

PoolComPak Horizontal:

• Horizontal Configuration
• Indoor and Outdoor Mounting
• 2 - 12 tons refrigeration
• Cupro-nickel water heat exchanger (AWH only)

PoolComPak Vertical:

• Space-saving Vertical Configuration
• Indoor mounting
• 2 - 12 tons refrigeration
• Cupro-nickel water heat exchanger (AWV only)


Product Feature Comparison

Standard Features for PoolPak®, PoolComPak and RoofPak Models

  • Active Dehumidification
  • Active Cooling Option
  • Auxiliary Pool Water Heating via Heat Pump
  • Auxiliary Air Heating via Heat Pump
  • Wall Condensate Prevention
  • Building Automation System Compatible (BACnet MS/TP, BACnet I/P, LonWorks®, Modbus®)
  • Curb Mounting Option Available*

Feature Matrix for PoolPak® and ClimatePak® Models










Smart Pump Control  
Smart Economizer            
Cooling Economizer   •*    
Dehumidification Economizer   •*      
Heat Recovery via Heat Pump*  
ATA Sensible Heat Recovery          
Flywheel Cooling     ◊*     ◊* ◊*  
Event Mode          
Purge Mode        
Reduced OA during Unoccupied Period    
CO2 Demand Ventilation            
Smart Air Managment        
Building Pressure Control     •* •* •*
Night Fan Setback        
Heat Pipe System              

= Standard
◊ = Optional