About Build On Site

PoolPak developed a unique build-on-site retrofit program that simplifies the process of installing replacement dehumidification units in locations that are inaccessible or where mounting space is limited. In these types of situations, wall removal and/or additional construction is necessary to remove the old unit and replace the new one.

With the PoolPak program, factory technicians can either assemble the unit or have the contractor assemble the unit under the supervision of factory personnel. The unit component parts are palletized for transportation, which offers additional shipping protection and organization for assembly.


See below for a 5 minute video on the Build On Site program:


The Build On Site Process

The existing unit is disassembled, removed and mechanical connections modified as needed.
The PoolPak components are assembled with the same attention to detail as at the factory.
This assures the unit is built to specification for commissioning upon completion.
Completion time is as little as three days with little interruption in pool operation.

Step 1

Step 2

  • Install base (rails and base pans)
  • Install air flow components (fans and motors)
  • Install refrigeration components (refrigerant coils, piping, and compressors)

Step 3

Step 4

  • Install roof panels and structural members
  • Install dampers
  • Install electrical components and wiring
  • Install side panels and access doors
  • Complete installation and startup unit


PoolPak Products Available:

This program has been in use nationwide and is available for replacing older PoolPak models and other brands.
Replacement models include:

  • PoolPak SWHP Series (Models S, SE, SEP, and SR)
  • PoolComPak AW/HCD Series (Models AWV, AWH, HCDH and HCDV)


Contact your PoolPak factory representative for more information on this time and money-saving opportunity.

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