ClimatePak® VHR Series


ClimatePak® VHR Series

The ClimatePak® dehumidification system uses naturally dry outside air for moisture removal. It relies on a sophisticated control system along with air measuring stations and air management systems to maintain setpoint conditions through dilution with outside air. ClimatePak® recovers approximately 50% of the available energy from the exhaust airstreamThe ClimatePak® is designed for larger pool facilities that can tolerate swings in temperature and humidity during peak summer conditions while maintaining consistently comfortable conditions during the colder winter months.

 Operational Features

Passive heat pipe and damper system
Airflow measuring stations to monitor and control airflow
Variable frequency drives for better control of facility environment
Airfoil supply and exhaust fans
ECCIII control system

 Construction Features

• Coated heat pipe recovery coil (exhaust side) to control corrosion
• All critical components are located outside the air stream
• Corrosion resistant construction
• Double wall foam filled aluminum panel system
• Easy accessibility for maintenance and service
• Anodized aluminum modular framing system
• Diamond plate aluminum floor


ClimatePak® VHR Product Brochure
ClimatePak® Installation and Operation Manual
ClimatePak® Engineering Guide
ClimatePak® Generic Product Drawings


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