Wed, Feb 22, 2017

Training Videos

SWHP SR Technical PresentationSR Series Technical Presentation

The PoolPak® SWHP series SR model is a total environmental control system designed to remove unwanted moisture from pool enclosures such as natatoriums and athletic centers. Engineered for maximum operating efficiency of large pool environments, the unit utilizes an integrated full Economizer and Smart Economizer that allows use of 100% outside air for heating, cooling and dehumidifying as a standard feature.

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ECC Technical PresentationECC Technical Presentation

PoolPak® SWHP units are operated and controlled by the microprocessor- based Electronic Control Center III or the ECC III. It incorporates all of the functions necessary to maintain space temperature and humidity, fresh and exhaust air, pool water temperature, occupied/unoccupied schedules, purge function, and multi-unit networking control automatically.

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