Mon, Nov 19, 2018
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The RecoSwim REC Series Files: 7

Designed for maximum efficiency, the REC Series offers a trusted and flexible environmental control system featuring the latest in technology and design for energy efficient indoor pool climate control.

folder.png The ComPak® AW/HCD Series Subcategories: 4 Files: 12

Space efficiency and high quality performance are provided by the ComPak products, AW/HCD and RoofComPak models. Designed to fit into small spaces, and treat typically smaller indoor pools, the ComPak is the choice to effectively, high quality indoor pool environmental control.

Virtual-Tech® (ACE) Brochure Files: 1

Web-monitoring for new PPK and PCP products.

The PoolPak® PPK Series Subcategories: 1 Files: 16

The PPK is the next generation for large indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers. Featuring a fluid-cooled mechanical refrigeration system at its center, the PPK provides exceptional value delivering unparalleled, consistent environment control at competitive market pricing.

The ComPak® PCP Series Subcategories: 6 Files: 37

Our new ComPak® PCP Series provides cost effective, energy efficient, temperature and humidity control for hotels, therapy pools, fitness facilities, private residences, and similar size indoor pools. Designed to fit into small spaces, and treat typically smaller indoor pools, the ComPak is the choice to effectively, high quality indoor pool environmental control.

folder.png The ClimatePak® VHR Series Subcategories: 2 Files: 5

Leveraging outside air to its maximum potential is the main focus of the ClimatePak® VHR Series. In using outside air for dehumidification and temperature control, the VHR Series offsets the need for mechanical dehumidification, reducing your operational and energy costs.

Anti-microbial Filter Media (AFM) Files: 2

Anti-microbial Filter Media (AFM) is a revolutionary filter product made from green container glass, filtering about 30% more organics than quartz and glass sand. Its unique properties provide a sand replacement media that is both electro-statically and chemically active.

folder.png The Build-on-Site™ Installation Program Files: 3

Installation of a new indoor pool environmental control system can be extremely difficult for enclosed spaces and hard to reach rooftops. The Build-on-Site™ Installation Program allows you to install either a ComPak HCD Series or PoolPak® SWHP Series environmental control system without knocking down walls or cutting a hole in your roof. Our team of expert factory trained assembly staff can build the unit on location for you in just a matter of days.

folder.png The PoolPak® MPK Series Subcategories: 2 Files: 4

Built using the PoolPak® Proven ApproachSM, the MPK Series features reliable and durable construction, proprietary environmental control strategies, and tried and tested design concepts to be the choice for indoor swimming pool environmental control.

folder.png The PoolPak® SWHP Series Subcategories: 4 Files: 18

The PoolPak® SWHP Series is a tried and true product. With over 45 years of innovations and experience shaping the product, the SWHP Series is the choice for your replacement or retrofit environmental control system needs.

folder.png All PoolPak® Products Files: 7

View information about the entire PoolPak® product line including an overview brochure, common features across all PoolPak® products, and useful tools for deciding about which PoolPak® product is right for your pool.