Thu, Sep 20, 2018
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Commercial Pools

Typical applications include YMCAs, municipalities, athletic, recreational and fitness centers. Large natatorium pools like those used for swimming competition can have a surface area of 10,000 square feet and larger. Waterparks are a newer pool category and are distinguished by their even larger spaces and high water activity.

The evaporation rate is generally high due to the large pool surface area, elevated water temperature and bather activity. Air and water temperatures along with humidity are especially difficult to balance, and improper control usually results in an uncomfortable environment compounded by structural damage due to the corrosive chloramine-laden environment.

Natatoriums require a large, high capacity dehumidification to control condensate formation from pool water evaporation. They require ventilation to meet safe building requirements, and the addition of colder outside air can increase heating costs during winter months or increase cooling/dehumidification costs during hot summer months.

Dehumidification systems for natatoriums need to be cost effective in heating both the pool water and air space. Operational costs are important due to the high cost of energy to heat and cool the facility, and performance and reliability are equally important to maximize return on investment and user satisfaction.

PoolPak® offers dehumidification equipment using both mechanical refrigeration and outside air. Mechanical refrigeration recycles the heat captured during dehumidification to heat the air or water while the outside air system effectively captures heat from the exhaust air stream.

PoolPak® (MPK and SWHP) and VHR systems can be tailored to fit your particular facility and location. Basic units are available for dehumidification and heating while others can include exhaust and purge control. Larger SR series can be operated using special PoolPak® features like Flywheel Air Conditioning and Smart Economizing for additional energy efficiency.

For smaller commercial facilities, the RoofComPak® Series is available. Current configurations can be selected for applications between 1,200 and 2,500 sq ft.

Recommended Systems

ComPak® PCP StakPak Series

• MRC Capacities 45 to 200 lbs/hr
• Supply Air from 2,600 to 13,000 CFM
• Models 1414 to 2626 fit through a 32” doorway and deliver up to 6,800 CFM and 79 lbs./hr. MRC
• Split installations require nothing more than a wire harness to connect

PoolPak® MPK Series:

Models MS, MSE, MSEP
• Supply (MS), Exhaust (MSE), and Purge (MSEP) models
• Active Airflow Monitoring and Control
• CommandPak® Control System
• 30-90 tons, 10-40 kCFM configurations available

RoofComPak® Series

• Complete packaged unit with self-contained ACC and aux heat
• Rooftop Mounting (AWH, HCDH)
• Recycles energy to pool water/air
• CommandPak® Control System
• 10 and 12 ton configurations available

PoolPak® SWHP Series

Model SR
• Supply and return/exhaust fan
• Mixing box between evaporator and hot gas reheat coils
• Recycles energy to pool water/air
• CommandPak® Control System

Model SEP
• Single supply fan configuration
• Pre-packaged exhaust fan and purge fan with return air plenum
• Recycles energy to pool water/air
• CommandPak® Control System

Model SE
• Pre-packaged exhaust fan
• Return air plenum system
• Recycles energy to pool water/air
• CommandPak® Control System

Model S
• Single supply fan configuration
• Smaller footprint for retrofit and limited space applications
• Recycles energy to pool water/air
• CommandPak® Control System

ClimatePak® VHR Series

• Passive heat pipe and damper system
• Active Airflow Monitoring and Control
• Direct Drive Plenum Fans with Variable Frequency Drives
• Airfoil supply and exhaust fans
• CommandPak® Control System