Wed, Jun 20, 2018
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Other Application Types

Precise moisture and temperature control are of prime concern over a diverse array of non-pool applications. In many instances stand-alone dehumidification units are the only reliable method to control damaging moisture where an internal system is not available or practical. Stand-alone dehumidifiers will also reduce the load on an existing air conditioning system, especially where multiple zones exist.

High capacity dehumidifiers must also be designed for harsh conditions. Just as in indoor pool applications, many toxic applications contain a corrosive environment that will prematurely destroy off-the-shelf equipment.

The list of commercial and industrial applications that can benefit from controlled moisturet is virtually unlimited. Included, as examples, are museums, art galleries, printing facilities, libraries, basements, warehouses and other storage facilities, water treatment plant/pumping facilities and industrial and manufacturing processes such as plastic and plywood manufacturing and food packaging.

High capacity dehumidification systems like the PoolPak® HCDV and HCDH Series will recycle heat back to the space, reducing energy costs. It can also provide cooling where recovered heat is rejected through either remote air cooled condensers or a water condenser. The availability of either vertical or horizontal configurations allows installation flexibility.

Recommended Systems

PoolComPak Vertical:

• Vertical configuration
• Indoor mounting
• Recycles energy to air
• Compressors out of air stream
• Meets ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation standards

PoolComPak Horizontal:

• Horizontal configuration
• Indoor and Outdoor Mounting
• Recycles energy to air
• Compressors out of air stream
• Meets ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation standards