Fri, Jul 10, 2020
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Indoor Grow Rooms

The AGronomic IQ Series

Nothing could have better prepared us for grow room humidity and temperature control than our years of industry-leading experience in pools.

Interestingly, the conditions required for most indoor pools are quite similar to those required for grow rooms. That was our starting point for focusing on grow room environment control. After considerable research, we asked our top engineers to invent the perfect temperature and humidity control system for modern day grow rooms.

We wanted the best of 3 critical considerations:

  1. Precise humidity control – across a wide range of conditions and plant stages
  2. Precise temperature control – heating and cooling built into a single system
  3. Optimal energy efficiency – recycling the energy released from dehumidification

The result? An extraordinary, patent-pending solution that provides grow rooms with the most precise, stable and reliable temperature and humidity control possible – all while leveraging our energy recycling systems for both room heating and cooling as required.

It’s so far ahead of prevailing HVAC solutions used in current grow rooms and such a smart solution, we call it:

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