Wed, Jul 24, 2019
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RecoSwim® Series

The proven and reliable RecoSwim® Series provides you with the energy efficient choice for complete indoor pool environmental control. Premium features and expert design allows the REC Series to offer you improved energy performance while maintaining a safe and comfortable indoor pool environment.

The RecoSwim is available in sizes ranging from:

  • 200 - 28,000 square feet of indoor pool surface
  • Capacities of 2- 60 tons
  • Supply air from 1,600 - 30,000 CFMs

Operational Features

  • Enhanced building, swimmer, and asset protection
  • Recycles energy from return air to supply air and pool water
  • Meets ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation standards
  • LynxTM energy management and control system
  • Increased fresh outside air usage for dehumidification and ventilation
  • The efficient and effective Auto-FanTM automated fan speed control system
  • Precision airflow management for improved system performance and ventilation
  • Proven energy savings and environmentally friendly operation

Construction Features

  • 'Blue' EC motor fans for high performance and low energy consumption
  • Proven system construction tested for the harsh indoor pool environment
  • Premium 'Cross-Flow' direct contact heat exchanger
  • Two inch, double wall, foam insulated panels and doors
  • WeatherGuardTM package for complete outdoor system protection
  • PVC and epoxy coatings for improved component protection
  • Anodized extruded aluminum structural frame
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance and service
  • Rigid panel construction reduced air loss and inflitration, improving performance


RecoSwim HP Model 2-page Brochure
RecoSwim HPXF Model 2-page Brochure
RecoSwim XF Model 2-page Brochure
RecoSwim Series 8-page Brochure
RecoSwim Series - IOM Samples - HP/WC models only
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