Fri, Dec 14, 2018
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ComPak® HCD Series - Vertical

ComPak® HCD Series Vertical (AWV/HCDV)

The ComPak HCD series is designed for smaller indoor pool applications and manages the delicate balance of space temperature and humidity using the least amount of energy. The ComPak is a packaged system delivering dehumidification, pool water and air heating, ventilation and air conditioning in a single unit. The vertical configuration is a space saving construction for indoor, mechanical room installations.

The ComPak HCD Vertical is available with pool water heating (AWV) or as a high capacity dehumidifier only (HCDV). The HCDV also finds use for non-pool applications like museums, libraries, art galleries and warehouses.

Operational Features

  • Recycles energy to pool air (and water - AW only)
  • CommandPak® Control System
  • Wall condensation prevention
  • Meets ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation standards
  • Indoor mounting (AWV, HCDV)

Construction Features

  • Vertical configurations
  • Cupro-nickel water heat exchanger (AW only)
  • Compressors out of air stream
  • High-efficiency scroll compressors
  • Outside air duct connection
  • Galvanized steel cabinet with epoxy-coated finish


ComPak HCD Series Vertical 2-page Brochure
ComPak HCD Series 8-page Brochure
ComPak HCD Series IOM
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