Mon, Nov 19, 2018
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About the Build-on-Site™ Program

The value of indoor space is high, and quite frequently large specialized HVAC equipment like dehumidifiers are initially installed in mechanical areas with limited or no access. When theequipment reaches the end of its useful life, system replacement can be an expensive and labor-intensive challenge.

PoolPak® developed an exclusive service option that overcomes these obstacles. We call it our Build-on-site™ Program - you'll call it affordable.

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See below for a 3 minute video on the Build-on-Site Program:


Build-on-Site Brochure

Case Study: McDonald's Hamburger University

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PoolPak® Products Available:

This program has been in use nationwide and is available for replacing older PoolPak® models and other brands.
Replacement models include:

  • PoolPak® SWHP Series (Models S, SE, SEP, and SR)
  • PoolComPak AW/HCD Series (Models AWV, AWH, HCDH and HCDV)

Contact your PoolPak® factory representative for more information on this time and money-saving opportunity.