Thu, Sep 20, 2018
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PoolPak® MPK Series

PoolPak® MPK Series

The MPK sets a new standard for efficiency in indoor swimming pool dehumidification equipment. It is a modular design that combines the functionality of large commercial systems with a smaller and lighter footprint than comparable units -- saving space and energy.

The MPK Series is now available in sizes ranging from 30 to 90 tons. Unit airflow from 8,000 up to 40,000 cfm with maximum system CFM of 200,000 CFM.

See below for a 3-minute video introducing the PoolPak® MPK Series:

Operational Features

  • Active Airflow Monitoring and Control - Auto-air balancing, airflow monitoring and control
  • Recycles energy from return air to supply air and pool water
  • Meets ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation standards
  • Instant worldwide access to the control operation system - CommandPak
  • Provided with Virtual-Tech® Plus - Wireless Remote Access Package (RAP)
  • Economizer for heating, cooling, and dehumidification
  • Compressor performance monitoring
  • Smart Pump Control for pool water heating

Construction Features

  • Electronically Commutated (EC) Motor Fans
  • Supply, outside, exhaust, and purge air flow monitoring stations
  • Motorized dampers on outside air and recirculation air
  • Two inch, double wall, foam insulated panels and doors
  • Available with Electro-Guard® whole coil coatings or Hycor® Blue coated fins
  • All critical components located outside of the air stream
  • Structural framing extruded mill finish aluminum
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance and service
  • Outside units: weather guard rubber membrane applied to roof


PoolPak® MPK Series 2-page Brochure
PoolPak® MPK Series 8-page Brochure
PoolPak® MPK Series IOM
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