Tue, Dec 10, 2019
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Number of Categories: 3
Educational Library Subcategories: 3 Files: 5

Indoor pool rooms are complex environments to control. The PoolPak® educational library is designed to provide you with some basic information on the important concepts of indoor pool design and pool water chemistry. Indoor pool design is vital to protecting your investment in your natatorium. The educational library covers many indoor pool design topics including vapor barriers, air distribution patterns, and materials usage within the pool room. Pool water chemistry is equally important. The chemicals that work to keep us safe as we swim, can be very corrosive when they evaporate with the pool water. The educational library helps to provide information about free and combined chlorine, operational guidelines, and the effects of pool water condensation on surfaces.

Parts and Service Library Subcategories: 30 Files: 84

In the Parts and Service Library you can find information about startup and warranties, installation instructions, training materials, and more. This document library is designed to supplement your acquired skills in the field with PoolPak® equipment specific knowledge.

PoolPak® Product Library Subcategories: 27 Files: 98

The PoolPak® Product Library contains everything you are looking for in relation to PoolPak® equipment. Organized by product, this document library provides information related to product drawings, manuals, and brochures. Additionally, documentation about product selection, engineering support, and the Build-on-siteTM program is available throughout the PoolPak® Product Library.